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There are online poker rooms and then there is PKR's 3D poker room. PKR has revolutionized the online poker experience with its introduction of realistic 3D poker. At PKR you can customize your player to look like you and fit your personality to make it seem like you're playing in real life.

You can change just about anything you can think of on your character, including his or her voice, facial features, hair style, clothing, shoes, sunglasses, headphones, hats, and much more. You can even make your character have tattoos or body piercings. If looking realistic isn't enough, you can even use body language and give off tells like you could in real life.

Not only does PKR offer the most realistic play, they offer great promotions and have great features to make poker that much more fun. PKR always has bonus codes available for your first time deposit so that you can get up to a 100% bonus. For instance, if you deposit $300 and use the proper bonus code, you could eventually get another $300 added to your account in bonuses.

Another advantage to playing at PKR is that they offer a rakeback program. Anyone who has played poker knows that the house takes money out of the pot almost every hand. The money they take is called the rake. By offering rakeback, PKR allows you to get back 30% of the rake that you contributed during the hand. If you play much poker, you could easily get back hundreds of dollars each month. All you have to do to qualify for the rakeback option is sign up through one of PKR's affiliates.

PKR offers multiple different poker games with a large range of limits for each game. There are also sit n go's and tournaments running all the time, so you will have plenty to keep you busy while playing at PKR.