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Money won in online poker is only part of the satisfaction that we get while we are on the grind.  Confirming your convictions that you are getting bluffed by making that hero call gets the juices flowing and propels us to greater things on the virtual felt.  This is why a majority of online warriors watch sports while playing the major weekend events and cash games.  Let us introduce you to a method where you can enjoy the big games, bet on them, and get that same rush of satisfaction by betting sports.

Profit While Passing the Time

Part of the talent of being a successful online tournament poker player is exercising patience.  The conservation of chips is a facet of successful strategy so that you can tactically exploit errors for the full double up.  So we sort of distract ourselves with ways to pass the time productively while fighting the urge to get over creative at the table.  We watch soccer, basketball, hockey, and even darts to not only keep up with our friends but because railing a winner is exhilarating.  Over time, our superior thought process starts to break down the matchups on the field.  We find ourselves being correct most of the time when picking whom we think will win.  Why not translate this knack of winning into cold hard cash?

Chips of a Different Sort

    Successful poker players have managed the art of thinking of the chips as abstract items instead of the cash that they represent.  This has allowed us to transcend to the next level in making money.  Sports handicapping rewards this abstract form of thinking.  Take the odds to win the next English Premier League regular season title.  We look at all the transfers, coaching changes, and other intangibles for our favorite clubs.  Now we look at the prices that the sportsbooks will give us in predicting who will win.  For example, if you pegged Leicester city to win it all you could have gotten a price near 5000 to 1 early on.  Those that did so not only go their bet back but 5000x the winnings in the process.  This is just one example of how the sports we love can create cash for us through betting on sorts.

    Sound judgment, logical thinking, and a penchant for mathematics transfer effortlessly from online poker to sports wagering.  We savor the exciting moments on the television while we grind away.  Why not make money off of our hero's triumphs and villain's failures?  Investigate the world of online sports wagering today to not only expand the excitement but bolster our bankrolls at the same time!