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Are Online Casinos Fair?
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Just about everyone loves the aspects of going to go to one of the gambling meccas of the US, be it Vegas or Atlantic City, but then comes the headaches of going there. Playing at anonline casino is fun and convenient as you don’t need to travel.

However, with the online casinos comes one critical question,are online casinos fair? It’s normal to ask this question as there have already been many cases of rigged games. In the past, online casinos were not as regulated as they are today. Many people complained about the credibility of online casinos. Nevertheless, offenders were already given sanctions, and most of these places are in operations.

Cases of Rigged Games in the Past
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In 2013, some popular operators such as Hi/Lo Gambler and Reel Deal were found guilty of unfair gaming practices. Moreover, there were also complaints they didn’t give 100% of the payout which they promised in their advertisements.

In the case of Hi/Lo, there was a female player who played a free-play mode in which everything seemed fair, but when she tried with real money, the system changed. She only discovered only after playing several times when her brother analyzed her logs.

There were also instances that rigged games that happened in specific card rooms. Some people suspected that there were poker tables that were rigged. This is because some odds that are higher than normal were usually given to beginners. On the contrary, there were instances that the favor was given to the underdog.

Why Play Online Casino Today?

Many lessons were learned in the past. Nowadays, it's not any easier for any operator to operate an online casino without having to go through rigid scrutiny and approval processes. Every aspiring operator needs to be audited strictly by government authorities. Every now and then, online casinos will have to deal with government agencies and regulating bodies to ensure they comply all the time.

To ensure fair play, online casinos are required to use pseudorandom number generators or PRNG's. This technology works the same way as live random hands, and they produce equal results, which means it cannot be manipulated by anyone. In fact, some experts perceive that PRNG is more realistic than the ones played by live hands.

Meanwhile, most online casinos today want to earn the trust of the public by commissioning a third party testing agency. They hire the service of private testing agencies in order for them to secure a certification that their online casinos are fair and secure.

What Should You Do to Be Free from Rigged Games?
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Although online casinos are now strictly regulated, there may still be unscrupulous operators who may attempt to cheat players. The best way to start playing at an online casino is to try a no deposit casino. This is a type of casino offers in which players can play without the need to deposit any money. They can only deposit when they can withdraw their earnings.

There are lots of such offers you can find on the should be in your list of trusted operators that offer a no deposit casino. Find casinos that have good reputations, are regulated, and have paid out to multiple winners as these are the sites to be trusted.


Are online casinos fair? In the vast majority of cases, yes they are. Nonetheless, you should opt to find online casinos that are regulated by the government and have regular pay outs to their customers to ensure that the games are safe to play, and that you truly have luck on your side.